Goalie Camp

Columbia Valley Hockey School
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No more than 3 goalies a group

CVHS and Kootenay Goaltending, we want our goalies to become excellent game goaltenders and not “cookie cutter” goalie school goalies. For this reason, much of our curriculum is geared towards game like situations so that goalies can apply the techniques they learn to their game. This camp is for goalies with a strong work ethic and a desire to take their game to the next level.

The details of the camp are:

  • 3 Goalies Maximum per Group
  • Ice Times Will be Run in 3 Different Stations of Goalie Drills
  • Head goalie instructor present 3 days a week for 1 on 1 work.

First 15-20 Minutes of Each Ice time will be goalie specific movement working on:

  • T-Pushes
  • Shuffles
  • Butterfly Slides
  • Backside Pushes
  • Post Integration
  • Stance and Butterfly Stance
  • C-Cuts
  • Stopping

Shooting Drills will be incorporated with players to make drills more game like

Drills will be goalie drills that work on:

  • Puck Tracking
  • Movement
  • Angles
  • Depth Management
  • Save Execution
  • Rebound Recovery
  • Reads and Reactions

Goalie group capped at 3 goalies per group.

  • age 5-8
  • age 9-10
  • age 11-12
  • age 13-16